PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition – A PSP Go with Car Shape Concept

Sony PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition Concept Design - Photoshop Illustration

Who have thought that PSP Go can be transformed into a car-like portable gaming console? Well, Won Chan Lee did thought so with his PSP BUgatti Veyron Edition. His concept is about turning the fun Sony PSP Go into a mind blowing cool car-like portable gaming device. By looking at the above picture, you will know how Won Chan Lee, the designer from Korea want his PSP Go to be merged with the super cool Bugatti Veyron LE super car.

The concept design was submitted to Coroflot, found out by Bornrich and TheCoolGadgets and they reported that the concept was a result of an assignment in Seoul National University Technology in product design.

Won Chan Lee even have thought further into integrating Bluetooth technology, where it will allow multiplayer options (4 players max), pushing the screen to 16:9 aspect ratio, and a SDHC memory card slot. Of course, this require to hack into the core of the PSP and I wonder if Sony will accept such concept to be released as their limited edition.

But everything is possible. We will just wish Won Chan Lee the best luck so his concept could be materialize and later become available in the store.

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