Sony PlayStation Move: The New Official Name for Their Motion Controller

Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Colorful Sphere

Sony PlayStation Move Motion ControllerApparently, Sony motion controller that we have talked about earlier (after the E3 until today) is not ARC. Although the name ‘Sony PlayStation ARC‘ has been registered in Japan, it appear you will get a different name when it has become available in the State. The official (this time is real) for Sony Motion Controller is ‘PlayStation Move’, and the controller is not coming alone like we have expected. There is a sub-controller coming along similar to Wiimote and Nunchuk.

According to the source, Sony will be selling this PlayStation Move controller in three different package:

  • Package 1: The PlayStation Move Motion Controller Alone
  • Package 2: PlayStation Move Motion Controller + Sony PlayStation Eye + Compatible Game
  • Package 3: The Whole Complete Series, Including the controller, Eye, Games and PS3 Console

Gizmodo said that Package 2 will cost you less than $100, which is obviously trying to tell us the PlayStation Move motion controller is not an expensive equipment. Judging from our comparison store, Sony PlayStation Eye is about $30 – $35 USD only. If the game is about $20 – $30, The controller will score for the same price mark as PlayStation Eye. This is just a prediction but the price shouldn’t be far away when it has been released in this Fall season 2010.

Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Held on Hand

Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Hot Demo

Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Cool Glowing Sphere

For now, you can take a look at the official game screenshots for Sony PlayStation Move at Geeky Gadgets, or ElectricPig.

Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Official Game ScreenShots

[via Sony Playstation (Images Courtesy belong to them)]

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