120,000 Apple iPad Sold on the First Pre-Order Day

This is a crazy mark for the first day, I believed Apple has properly done their marketing far before the launch date and the result is clear now – everyone want an iPad!


Well, it is not really ‘everyone’ yet, especially for those with tech savvy and hi-tech experiences. There are bunch of alternative made available as the iPad Killer (we will talk about this soon) and yes they really are the killer and some of them have a cheaper solution.

Up to 120,000 iPad has been pre-ordered on the first day (Friday) and that is truly an amazing number despite of the better alternative offered by other companies. 120,000 iPad is equal to $75million dollars, a revenue for Apple for the first day only!

That is a big chunk of money just by selling the ‘Pre-order’ iPad. Perhaps most of the buyers are Apple’s fans and enthusiasts, so they are willing to bet on their money even without the iPad hold on their hand (perhaps influenced by iPhone 3GS?). Well, The iPad will be launch on April 3rd, 2010. So the mark might will quadruple itself and probably there will be millions of pre-orders will be there waiting for Apple to roll out their new baby…

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