Shuo Tablet – The True Big Size iPhone, Not the iPad

Shuo Tablet Shape Like iPhone 3GS

Shuo Tablet, a cloned hardware from China is getting the Apple iPhone 3GS face treatment. It looks very similar to iPhone, and it is truly the zoomed version of iPhone 3GS, not the iPad. Shuo tablet, although it looks like iPhone, it doesn’t content any Mac OS or anything related to Apple other than its shape. The tablet PC is powered 1.2GHz CPU, either VIA or ATOM with 2GB of RAM, has HDMI output port and it is running Windows 7 OS on its core. It sure looks intriguing, but it’s nothing more than just a Tablet PC wearing Apple iPhone 3GS shirt….

Shuo Tablet Shape Like iPhone 3GS - Rear

Shuo Tablet Shape Like iPhone 3GS - Ports


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