Transparent USB Flash Drive with Colorful Aurora Space Indicator [Mac Funamizu]

Transparent USB Flash Drive with Aurora Space Indicator by Mac Funamizu

Mac Funamizu, the one who created the concept of Floater Phone has come up with another cool looking concept for flash drive. In his mind, Mac Funamizu is thinking about the color indicator for the flash drive so when the flash drive is in a full state, it will display a certain aurora color, while it is empty it will display another cool looking color indicator.

There is no real name for this concept yet, so we have to call it by its look and feel, where it is a ‘Transparent USB Flash Drive’, flourished with Colorful Aurora Space Indicator. This concept was inspired by Japanese Soma-Toh revolving lantern, which mean the designer has mixed the cultural idea and technology into one.

Transparent USB Flash Drive with Aurora Space Indicator by Mac Funamizu - Full

This transparent USB memory stick covers all the convenient functions of the memory sticks I’ve introduced so far. The light inside the glass represents the data saved in it: No lights means no data, lights filling the glass means there’s no more space. The kind of data is recognized with colors. For example pink is for images, blue is for documents and green for movies, etc. It would be more fun if the lights can move in the glass when you shake it.

Again, it is a CONCEPT Design. No actual product released yet so we don’t have the clue if this Transparent USB flash drive with colorful aurora space indicator will be produced as a real product.

[via The Cool Gadgets]

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