Apple Magic Mouse Fix For Big Palm User

Apple Magic Mouse Fixation with Soap Like Silicone Pad

Magic Mouse, the touch-interface mouse has the coolest mouse design thanks to the button-less design. However, there is a downside for big palm user. The Apple Magic Mouse is somehow too small and flat, far from what’s people say about ergonomic design for users with large hand. As the fix, Will from has created a soap-like silicone pad, where it then to be used on the Magic Mouse to give some type of holdable point to give the palm some level of satisfaction and ergonomic.

From the picture above, you may have notice how Will position the soap like silicone pad on the Magic Mouse as the fix. Nothing like a rocket science included here. Will even include a deal, where you can get this Magic Mouse Fix for $10 with FREE shipping to US buyer, while it’s $3 shipping fee for International buyer. Check out more detail (and video) at MMFixed.

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