ASUS NX90 Desktop Replacement Pricing Revealed


Do you remember the ASUS NX90, the coolest laptop in CES 2010? The pricing has been revealed, along with some basic specification that looks quite tasty for gamers and users who’re looking for a cool and strong desktop replacement. The price of ASUS NX90 will be at the level of $2,499, where it will come with Quad Core i7, ATI HD5870 GPU and as much as 12GB of 1066MHz DDR3 RAM.



Reported by Kevin Xu from Winarco that ASUS NX90 laptop has another specification where you will get either Core i5 or Core i7, 18.4-inch LED-backlit LCD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels, up to 12GB of 1066MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M Graphics, 1GB of VRAM and outputs video to a full high-definition (FHD).

You will also find a Slot-in BD combo drive, dual HDD slot, USB 3.0 port, Band & Olufsen Multimedia audio system and the most interesting dual touchpads with precision controls.

Pricing has been revealed, now we only need to wait for this ASUS NX90 to hit the store, though I believe a mere ‘paycheck human’ won’t be able to enjoy such a technology. 😉

[Softpedia, CrunchGear via Neo Gadgets]

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  • Anna

    That is a monstrous laptop. When I look at it, it’s something that I wouldn’t want to mess with. lol!

    There’s a really good unboxing of it at;

    You get to see some HD pics of it, and the packaging it comes in. The packaging is pretty awesome too. Most definately NOT your average cardboard box.

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