ModuIR iPad Case and Accessories System For All-In-One Solution


Here is the newest protection case for iPad which is dubbed as ModuIR iPad Case. Perhaps, we shouldn’t call it as a ‘case’ alone because the ModuIR iPad case is coming with some accessories that you won’t find it on any iPad Cases that are currently available (or in pre-order states).

ModuIR iPad case is coming ian bundle. Beside it can protect your iPad from unwanted scratches and dusts, it has a wall-mount accessory, where you can install it in your kitchen’s wall or somewhere else. It is also coming with a shoulder strap and car mount, where it can be easily carried around or attached it on your car’s headrest. Check out the gallery below for more details.

New iPad cases just keep popping out from the lab even the device is not yet released. I’m sure this time Apple is going to harvest a lot of money because they’ve sold 120,000 unite of iPad Tablet on the first day of pre-order. However, I’m sure Apple is not alone. Many accessory manufacturers have spotted this golden time, and they’ve properly prepared themselves to dig some gold out of Apple’s gold mine.

ModuIR iPad case is one of them, and I’m sure they’ll bring back lots of revenue by providing such a cool all-in-one solution for the candidate of iPad users. Although they haven’t released the official announcement about their pricing for ModuIR iPad Case and iPad Accessories System, I guess it won’t go over the $100 mark, and they’ll want to make their accessories as affordable as they can, so they can grab more attention later in this Summer 2010.

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