Quirky Wrapster Earphones Cable Management Thingy


Are you trying to find a gadget that could help you manage your messy earbuds / earphones cable? Well, Quirky has an interesting gadget called Wrapster, a knife-like bendable rubber cord management tool where you can easily wrap your hanging audio cable to the center vertically and clip the end of the jack to the provided tight slot. It also looks funky because of the lively color choice, and it is dirt cheap to own one!



Quirky Wrapster Features:

  • A compact 4″ tall shape.
  • A fun design made of firm but bendable lightweight rubber material.
  • Two sizable holes at the top of the product for storing individual earbud units.
  • A “q” (for quirky!) integrated into the design, which flexes out so you can clip the Wrapster to your shirt pocket.
  • A slot on the base to hold the end of the cord in place when it’s wrapped up.

At the price of $5 only, even a children can afford to get one to manage their cable. Dirt cheap, really. Currently, there are 322 Wrapsters left (only 720 units are made available) so be hurry if you need one. :)

[Quirky Wrapster Cable Management Tool]

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  • NewStuff

    Wrapster is redesigned. Check out its new design: http://bit.ly/ationy
    It can be used as iPhone stand in landscape mode now.

  • I like your idea for the simplest, most affordable headphone wrapper. Too bad it’s no longer available. :-

    • The newer version of Quirky Wrapster is also as good as the old scissor-shaped wrapster. It’s a bit wider though, and you have to top up another 2 bucks to get it. However, at $7, you are still paying peanuts for something usable/useful.

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