iKit Dura iPad Case

iKit Dura iPad Case - Clear Model

We have a lot of entries on Apple iPad case recently and iKit is releasing another iPad case variant means for your iPad protection. Known as iKit Dura iPad case, what you will get from this iPad case is the soft-grip border and hard materials to protect the iPad rear surface (not the screen). It seems there is no front protection at all, but iKit is pretty thoughtful by providing a separated screen protector for the touchscreen.

iKit Dura iPad Case - Black Model

The iKit Dura iPad case has two model (Black and Clear), once install it will leave no bulky feeling for you iPad because it is so thin and slim, and you’ll have no problem at all in accessing all buttons or ports because iKit has provide a holes to each features. To save you more money, iKit also give you a bonus of a cleaning kit for self-cleaning service.

It looks pretty cool, for $40 a pop, it’s considerable. To flourish it up, you might want to add a decal such as the iPad Decals to the rear side. Since the iKit Dura iPad case is pretty transparent (the ‘Clear’ model), you’ll be able to see the pattern of your decal from outside. If you are interested, you can pre-order it now at iKit.

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