Sony Fusion Coffee Table, The Future Sony Coffee Table

Sony Fusion Coffee Table

From The Country of Singapore, a clever designer name Zyane Tan has designed a cool concept for Sony called ‘Sony Fusion Coffee Table‘. From the first picture above, you might have figure out what it is. It looks like a small chair, or a private coffee table where you can slip your feet below the rounded table surface, sitting comfortably on the floor and sip your favorite beverage on the table. However, the Sony Fusion Coffee Table is more than just a mere coffee tablet…

Sony Fusion is a coffee table that has been equipped with a high-technology fusion, where if you push the on button, the surface will split itself into two revealing the Sony Laptop inside. The screen can be adjust as desired, and the glowing keyboard is the modern type of touch sensitive keyboard (similar to the touchboard that I mentioned last year).

Sony Fusion Coffee Table Concept - Self splitting Table Top

Sony Fusion Coffee Table with Touch Sensitive Keyboard

Sony Fusion Coffee Table - Concept Drawing

To stand firmly on the flat ground, the Sony Fusion Coffee Table is backed by two arc-shaped chrome legs positioned in a vertical manner, allowing you to place the Sony Fusion Coffee Table above your feet while sitting on the ground. There are three color choices available, red, green and white. It looks pretty cool for working in a dark room.

[Coroflot via TheDesignBlog and LikeCool]

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