Hack Your MSI Wind Netbook and Turn it Into an iPad


Apple iPad is coming, but 3th April is three weeks to go. It may looks near, but 3 weeks might just like waiting for 3 years if the user is really passionate about having one. Well, If you can’t wait any longer and at the same time you’ve some spare MSI Wind Netbook, why don’t you follow Alex Bates from insanelywind.com? He have turned his MSI Wind netbook by hacking into the core, removing the keyboard, add a touchscreen, and turn it to a Franketablet device. Afterward, the hacked MSI Wind netbook is installed with OS X (hackintosh).

The result is one brand new of tablet device resembling an iPad, but with higher storage size, faster processing speed, USB port, card reader and other features that you can’t find it on iPad.

Of course, all those tweaks and hacks require some level of technical know-how and dare-level to dissemble the MSI Wind netbook. If you have all the requirement, you can check it out at InsanelyWind forum.

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