Magic Sakura: Recreate mini Sakura Tree On Your Desktop

Magic Sakura - Recreate Mini Size of Sakura Tree on Your Desktop

Besides popular in high technology gadgets, Japan is also a country that you can find a lot of strange, weird and unique stuffs. Our latest find on this country is this liquid called as “Magic Water” (via JapanTrends) that could let you recreate the beautiful Sakura tree on your desktop!

Sakura buds will start to bloom in the next few weeks, so if you feel you’re going to missed the ceremony in Japan, you can recreate the mini sakura tree garden on your desktop using this amazing Magic Sakura.

If competing for the same valued space with tens of thousands of others doesn’t sound like fun, then we recommend you get your hands on the Magic Sakura (まじっく桜), a desktop toy that recreates the hanami spirit in miniature.

The paper tree stands at 13.5cm (5.3″) tall and looks rather bare until you add the included “magic water”. Then pink blossom starts to appear within a few hours, eventually covering the whole tree. I guess this is the equivalent of a mini Christmas tree for the Japanese! You can have your sakura experience at home or work, minus all the crowds and fuss.

That is beautiful! For just 680 JPY or equal to $7.50 USD, you can get one set of paper tree + the magic water. It will takes 3-4 hours before seeing the full blooms and this Magic Sakura is only available inside Japan via Rakuten. No idea if they are willing to ship Internationally.

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