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Mini Ninja Weapon Cell Phone Straps

There is so much buzz about Ninja lately and it’s all thanks to the Naruto Anime from Japan that somehow has crazily lift up the popularity. Talking about ninja, it is not limited on their ‘stealth-ness’ in taking out their enemies, it is also about their unique weapons, such as their Kunai and nunchucks that has some level of uniqueness.

Well, we are in the era of peace. So such a weapon is not allow. The real one cannot, but you can still find alternative if you are a fans. Collecting something like a Mini size of Ninja Weapons in any form (in this case, a cell phone strap) is legal and it won’t hurt you a bit. Above picture clearly resembling the Ninja style of Knife, secret weapons and Nunchucks. Thinkgeek call them charm, but I would prefer to name it as a ‘Cell phone strap’ because a charm is not for killing. :)

Interested to own one? Thinkgeek is selling these cool mini ninja weapons for $6 USD a pop. If you care to own one you might want to check the details at Thinkgeek.

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