Google, Sony and Intel Team Up to Make a New Google TV

Recently, Google reported that they have teamed up with two giant companies (Intel and Sony) to create a new gadget known as the ‘Google TV. This project has undergone for several months as of this report, and it seems there is a positive response from the lab regarding this new medium from Google. The Google TV will be based on Google own OS, the Android, and it will be a TV where it can run several web applications like Twitter directly without the inclusion of a PC. Google even plans to entice software Devs to create new applications that could be uses on their Google TV.

Google has been reported to have teamed up with Intel and Sony to develop a new class of internet-based set top boxes, as part of an on-going project known only to the public at this time as Google TV. This device is going to be an interesting media center and Google has also begun to test their Google TV with the set top box technology with dish network.

Aside of Sony and Intel, Google also invites Logitech International to develop their peripheral device such as a small size keyboard where it can be use as the remote control alternative. Up to date, Sony, Intel and Logitech remains quiet on the development of Google TV. It seems we have to wait for some time before it actually released from the ALPHA stage.

[via Wired]

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