16-Port USB Hub is Now Available at ThinkGeek

16-port USB Hub

Good news for Port-junkies. The 16-port USB hub that we introduced last year is now available at Thinkgeek. There is no need to import it from Japan anymore, but the main drawback is the higher price than what it should be. Well, if you are looking for a Hub gadgets to fit your handful of USB gadgets connected all at once to your PC, this 16-port USB Hub is what you are waiting for.


When meeting a new person, the instant you tell them you work at ThinkGeek, you get interesting reactions. Most of them are “OMG, you’re so lucky!” (Yep, we are!) The best one heard recently by one of our monkeys was, “ThinkGeek… that’s the place with all the USB stuff, right?” It sure is! If it’s cool and powered by USB, we probably have it. Problem is, most computers only have 2-4 USB ports. How are you supposed to choose between your humping dog and your pet rock?

With the 16 Port USB Hub, you don’t have to make that decision. Plug in your phone, iPod, flash drive, external HD, digicam, SnowBot, fiber optic Christmas tree, plasma ball, jellyfish mood lamp, pet rock, turntable, robot owl, humping dog, Lilliput mini monitor, LED beverage cooler, and missile launcher – at once. Its built-in power supply ensures you don’t need another AC adapter and there’s even a switch that allows you to switch the hub between two computers. Just don’t come crying to us when you win the award for “Most Annoying Cubicle Ever” at work.

Get one of this 16-port USB Hub at Thinkgeek for $159.99.

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