Ergoroller: Ergonomic Roller Wrist Massager for Hardcore Mouse User

Feel tired after using your mouse for a long hour, but you are forced to continue your work ‘thanks’ to the mountain of tasks left undone? Well, why don’t you have one of this Ergoroller, a gadget designed to massage your wrist while you are working on your jobs/tasks?


Ergoroller, is an egg-roller gadget. Err, well, I read it that way at first because if the shape that looks like 9-eggs tiled together. :)

Well, it is not an egg, it is a bunch of magnetic metal balls that function as the massager when you swing your hand left and right. It will have a special effect if you are not wearing a long sleeve shirt, where the metal balls can touch your skin directly. Ergoroller will be able to deliver some sort of soothing and healing effect on your wrist, and the cold-temperature balls (if you are in the air-con room) can cool down your overworked wrist’s nerves a bit and reduce RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) effects.


It looks good, and for just $25 a pop, you’ll have no problem at all to own one of this Ergoroller. However, I still want to suggest you to take a rest every 2 or 3 hours of continuous works because resting is the best remedy to all kinds of sickness. :)

[ErgoRoller Wrist Massager via Technabob]

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