Rubik’s Cubes for The Blind: Braille Box and Brain Doom Models


A cool designer name Konstantin Datz has designed a new rubik’s cube which is exclusively made for people are visually impaired. It has two models, the Braille Box and Brain Doom. Braille Box uses the braille text patterns to give the blinds the idea which side has what pattern in exchange of the usual colorful interface. Meanwhile, the Brain Doom’s Rubik’s Cube is helping blind people solving the puzzle based on the objects on each square (such as screws, knobs or silicone gels).




This Rubik’s Cubes for people with blindness is still a concept at this point, but you can actually make one for your disabled friends because it’s pretty easy to make one (especially the Brain Doom model). You’ll just need some effort to DIY and create one similar to the images above.

[via Yanko]

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  • Anonymous

    It’s generally a good idea to use “people first” language when referring to individuals with disabilities, such as blindness, deafness, etc. It would be much better to say “people who are blind” or “people who are visually impaired” instead of calling them “blinds.”

    • Thanks for your advice. I’ve correct my incorrect language term to your suggestion. Thanks again for your help!

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