Just Another Cassette Tape USB Hub

Previously, we have one of this cassette tape USB Hub in our archive. Now, here is another one with different looks and feels, but basically offering the same feature as a USB Hub.

New Cassette Tape USB Hub

This version is called Mix Tape (not that MixTape iPhone Case!), featuring 3 USB Ports and has come with its own USB cable. For just $15, you can find it selling like hot cake (especially for the retro-lover) at UrbanOutfitters.

Cassette-shaped USB hub that lets you connect up to three USB devices to a single USB port in your computer. Just plug your electronics (like a speaker, iPod or iPhone) into the hub, and use the included USB cable to plug the whole thing into your computer’s USB port. Sounds good to us! Imported. Wipe clean.

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