Case-Mate Google Nexus One ID Credit Card Case

Want you hold your luxurious stuff in a high risk way? well check out this Google Nexus One ID Credit Card Case from Case-Mate.

Case-Mate Google Nexus One ID Credit Card Case

The Google Nexus One case is available in two colors, including metallic silver and black, once installed on your Google Nexus One Phone, you will have the extra slot to store some of your important credit card. It looks great, but the greatness has come with one critical drawback…

There is nothing wrong with the design. It’s perfectly good and cool for Google Nexus One Phone. Now the problem will occur in the middle is the risk of getting lost on both of your luxurious stuffs. I consider my touchscreen mobile phone and credit card as a highly luxurious problem and can never live without them both. But bad thing can always happen. What if I accidentally lost my Google Nexus One Phone? I’ll lose my credit card too!

Case-Mate Google Nexus One ID Credit Card Case - Rear Storage

It might looks cool and practical, but it has come with some ‘risk’ that you’ll need to understand beforehand. However, if you not as clumsy as I do, I invite you to take a serious look as the ID Credit Card Case by Case-mate. It has not only featuring a credit card storage, it also comes with an ez-slide protective film and screen protection kit to keep your Google Nexus one save from dust and scratches.

For just $29.99, this type of protection worth a thumb up, and it’s very affordable for any users.


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