Vajacases Retro Slim Jacket for iPad

Vajacases have been our favorite since their releases of iPhone and iPod case. They featured a sleek and luxurious, sturdy looking surface with various of customizable colors using their online panel so user can get their own tastes without limited by the color choices offered by Vajacases.

VajaCases Retro Slim Jacket iPad Case

Recently, Vaja has also jumped on the iPad case bandwagon by expanding their reach to a larger Apple device. Currently, Vaja Cases has made one iPad Case model available. Known as the Retro Slim Jacket, which featuring leather sleeve with a magnetic latch and a properly padded cover.


The primary color for Retro Slim Jacket is yellow, and it seems there is no further color customization yet. However, I’m sure in the future you can customize to your liking using their color panel panel similar to their previous product (iVolution SP).


VajaCases has also set another iPad case on the ‘coming soon’ stage, which is known as the iVolution iPad Case. This version should be coming on this April 2010, but we have no pricing detail on this iPad case yet. We will update with a new post dedicated for this iVolution iPad case when it has been launched.

As for the Retro Slim Jacket, Vaja want you to pay them $120 and this handmade iPad case will take 25 days for the crafting to complete.

[VajaCases via Macnn]

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