Nintendo DS Goes 3D with 3DS Handheld Console


This is a surprise for us who love handheld gaming console. After Sony upgraded their PSP-3000 to PSP-Go, Nintendo has followed tightly with their DSi, and then going forward with the DSi XL. It might looks Nintendo has more updates than Sony, but in term of technology, they are standing at the same edge. To overcome this, recently Nintendo has announced another updates, which is an update to bring the DSi into the next level – surpassing all their competitors!

The announcement is about Nintendo latest Handheld Console called 3DS, which is the next gen of DSi XL console with 3D technology where it will allow you to witness the character jumping out of the screen with your bare eyes, that’s phenomenal!

Nintendo said that their 3D display and graphics will require no 3D glasses anymore. Just your plain bare eyes could see the effect clearly. Nintendo also claimed that the 3DS handheld console has the backward compatibility feature, where it can read the games in its predecessors such as DS and DSi.

Nintendo 3DS is going to reveal its true self at E3 Expo in Los Angeles in this June 2010. Let’s hope until the time come, Sony will have their own updates for their PSP, too.

[via Geeky-Gadgets and TechChee]

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