Robovie mR2: The iPod Touch Controlled Robot


Have you seen a robot that could host an iPod Touch as its heart? Neither am I. But you are lucky because such a robot is now existed! Robovie mR2, which was developed by Advanced Telecommuncations Research Institute (ATR) Intelligent Robotics & Communications Lab is a cute little robot that uses iPod Touch as its ‘beating heart’.


The iPod will function as receiver and it will control the Robovie mR2 attitude and movements via a wireless game pad which has been synced with the iPod Touch. For interaction, Robovie mR2 has come equipped with one super compact CCD camera, a speakers for verbal speaking and two microphones for hearing your words. Robovie mR2 robot is standing 30cm tall, weighs in 2 kg only (4.4lbs), and its animated eyes are so inviting and cute. Check out the following video for more detail:

If you are interested to know more about this Robovie mR2 robot development, you can follow their tweets at their twitter accounts.

[via Winarco and Geeky-Gadgets]

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