ThermalTake V5 Black Edition Mid Tower PC Case


The popular PC case manufacturer Thermaltake has unveiled a new series of Mid-Tower PC case for the market. It dubbed as V5 Black Edition, this Mid Tower PC case is coming with a large, reinforced handle on the top of the casing to let you carry the PC easily. Though there is no such a great element design on the front face, this PC case is aiming for the usability instead of appearance.


Thermaltake V5 Black Edition PC case has nine 5.25-inch bays, one front panel (include USB, eSATA, and Audio Ports), one PSU holder with dust filter at the bottom, and a drive case for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch HDDs or SSDs.

For cooling purpose, ThermalTake V5 Black Edition Mid Tower PC case has included two fans, where you can find one 120mm (1300RPM) fan at the rear, and one 200mm (800RPM) at the top. Thermaltake V5 Black Edition Mid-Tower case has a stealth black paintjob (from inside-out), and there are some LED lights on the fans to give a better looking. from the upper side.

Estimated price for Thermaltake V5 Black Edition PC Case is $69. Availability is remain unknown.

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