MoviePeg: K-I-S-S iPhone 3GS Stand

If you think your iPhone 3GS Stand is over-complicated and you want the K-I-S-S solution, check out this MoviePeg iPhone stand that looks completely Keep stuff simple.


You just can’t believe it, right? Often we will think that iPhone 3GS Stand should in a form of a case, or should be some type of a kickstand hidden in a hard-case. But MoviPeg is nothing like that. MoviePeg is really a Keep-It-Simple-Stupid iPhone stand with no complex design, but it can let your iPhone stand properly in Landscape or Portrait position.




To add up some mood, MoviePeg iPhone 3G Stand has a range of color choices, and when arranged properly, it looks very nice and cool. :)

At $7.5 USD only, I guess this MoviePeg is extremely affordable.

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