Nintendo 3DS Handheld Gaming Console – More Details


You might have read the news about Nintendo 3DS, the 3D handheld console where 3D images could be seen by bare eye. In the last post, we have no further detail yet. But today, thanks to GeekyGadgets we have gather more details on this magnificent coming soon 3D gaming console.

According to the details, Nintendo 3DS is going to re-use DSi XL model, where it will got 4.2 inch screen, and Nintendo 3DS will also coming with 3D joystick and force feedback, and there is a possibility that Nintendo 3DS will have its own motion sensing technology. This motion sensing will be able to detect users’ motion and translate it into something else useful for the game control. Sounds great! :)

Nintendo 3DS will be unveiled on June and it will begin selling in the shelf some time between the end of 2010 to March 2011 next year. Perhaps they are going to release along with Microsoft’s Project Natal which has been scheduled for this Year’s Holidays season.

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