Corsair Launches Voyager Mini Flash drive – The New 32GB USB Drive

Corsair Voyager Mini 32GB Flash Drive - Headless Cap

Corsair is releasing anoter Voyager crews called Voyager Mini Flash Drive under 32GB size. It is just as large as Voyager GT 32GB (in term of capacity) but it’s way smaller in shape. Corsair Voyager Mini Flash drive also features a rubber casing for shock protection, onboard chip technology, retractable USB connector and cap-less design. This Voyager Mini Flash Drive also has an impressive warranty, where you will get 10-years limited-warranty.


“USB flash drive users love the convenience and ruggedness of the Flash Voyager Mini form factor,” stated John Beekley, VP of Technical Marketing at Corsair. “The increase in density to 32GB allows users to carry their digital world with them at all times on this compact drive.”

At the moment, Flash Voyager Mini Flash drive has been available. You can check it out at our shopping site for the most actually pricing war between several popular online vendor, or just hoop on to Amazon to get it for $100.99 only.

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