InfiniteUSB Concept Design by Gonglue Jiang

InfiniteUSB Concept Design by Gonglue Jiang

A Designer from China, Gonglue Jiang has submitted an interesting concept design to YankoDesign. This concept is called ‘InfiniteUSB’, a USB cable with integrated USB jack. A single of the InfiniteUSB may not make any difference, but it is actually a design that has completely unlocked the potential of unlimited USB ports for your computing needs.

You might have read about the 16-port, 24-port, 49-port USB Hub and even the 80-port USB hub. It sounds impressive, but according to the concept designed by Gonglue Jiang, unlimited count of USB port means you can expand as MANY as you need. Theoretically, it sounds impressive and when the arrays of horizontal USB jacks running out of juice, you can plug another infiniteUSB socket with AC adapter to give extra power to the group of infiniteUSBs.

InfiniteUSB Concept Design by Gonglue Jiang - on Mac

Though the concept says it has the possibility to get an unlimited number of USB devices plugged into your PC using infiniteUSB, I still believe there is a limitation in some way that will occur (OS, BUS power, or Hardware limitation). And can you really find a long horizontal space to fit in 200 of USB jacks? The infiniteUSB socket has no way to go except keep adding the horizontal line. There will still an end of it (limited by room width/length) unless you are trying to break the world’s record by getting it out to the spacious park. :)

Well, it is a great design no matter what. You can find more information at Gonglue Jiang site.

[via The Cool Gadgets, Coated]

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