Bling-Bling: Swarovski Crystals Apple iPad by CrystalRoc


Apple iPad is getting a bling-bling treatment by CrystalRoc using the popular shiny Swarovski Crystals. The modification is not in form of an iPad Case, it’s a surface modification using customized Swarovski Crystals at the back of the iPad (the white area). According to CrystalRoc, there are more than 6,000 individual Swarovski crystals.

As for the availability, this Swarovski Crystal iPad is going to be available after iPad launched, but you should contact CrystalRoc if you need to know the pricing details.


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  • ellen berry

    How much is the crystal ipad case?

    • CrystalRoc didn’t reveal the pricing yet. If you are interested to get one of those, you can visit his website and contact them directly. :)

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