Victorinox Secure Pro: Super-Secure Flash Drive, Self Destruct When Hacked

Similar with IronKey flash drive, Swiss company Victorinox has released a new super secure flash drive called “Secure Pro” with built-in self-destruct mechanism. The mechanism of Victorinox flash drive will automatically get overheating then burn the NAND controller and memory chip when hacked.


Since it’s from Swiss company, the Victorinox Secure Pro flash drive uses the iconic Swiss Army Knife as the flash drive carrier. Bringing not only a super-secure flash drive into your pocket, it also coming with multi-function knives and tools for emergency uses.

As for the encryption, it’s the hardware-type, coming in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity with AES256 encryption, fingerprint reader, and LED white light as your emergency torch light as well. The Victorinox Secure Pro will start shipping next month at prices going from £50 to £180.

[TechPowerUp via Gadgetell]

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