Eclipse LiteTouch LCD Touchscreen Keyboard

Kong Fanwen will cherish on this, BIG TIME! Why? because his concept of no-key keyboard or what I called as the future touchboard is going to be a real stuff soon. Speaking of which, the technology is actually exist now. And I can say Kong Fanwen’s dream has realized half. The very recent keyboard design has coming with what I’ve called as the touchboard technology. This keyboard design was introduced by Eclipse, naming their keyboard as “LiteTouch LCD Touchscreen Keyboard”.


See? It going half way through to realizing the true touchboard. Although it’s not completely touchscreen yet, but Eclipse LiteTouch LCD Touchscreen keyboard has turned the numpad section in a futuristic keyboard that you’d often seen in the sci-fi film.

Eclipse LiteTouch LCD Touchscreen keyboard is known as the first keyboard to has such a unique designed LCD touchscreen at the numpad zone. For more fun, the LCD touchscreen can be programmed with multiple set of controls to be displayed. Kind of the unitedKeys OLED keyboard style. You can see the detail on the following video:

To good news is, Eclipse LiteTouch LCD Touchscreen keyboard will be available soon in two models. The Wired version which will sell for $99 and a wireless option that will sell for $129, about $30 higher than the wired version. More detail can be found at Engadget.

[via Winarco]

UPDATE: Eclipse LiteTouch wireless keyboard has been available. Find more information at GameShark Store.

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