i3DTek Glasses-free 3D Displays Prototype

i3DTek 3D glasses Free 3D display Prototype

Since the 3D monitor/display introduced in the early 2010 for the consumer end, more and more manufacturers have popped up some 3D-enabled display, such as Samsung with their 3D LED TV and or even the coming soon Nintendo 3DS that require no glasses to see the 3D effect displayed in front of your bare eyes.

By no mean to lose to the development, i3DTek has also developed their own ‘Glasses-free’ 3D display prototype that allows you to view 3D movie without single 3D lenses/glasses pinching your nose. i3DTek claimed that their prototype is capable of converting 2D images/video into 3D version and the 3D effect could be witnessed at the 90-degrees perspectives.

i3D prototype is looking like a digital photo frame, where it’s got one 7-inch display and a simple one touch button to convert the 2D into the 3D environment. Not to forget that i3D also has its own remote control for controlling playback and other multimedia functionalities. It’s still a prototype, so we have no idea when it will release. Probably Nintendo 3DS would steal the start before anyone else, especially in producing a small size 3D glasses-free 3D display.

[Video Handson: Engadget]
[via TechChee]

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