Nintendo DSi XL Gets TearDown by iFixit


Wanna know what’s hidden inside the just released Nintendo DSi XL? Well, iFixit help us see the inner side by tearing it down from the case to the parts! At least we wouldn’t have to dissembled our own DSi XL now! If you haven’t got yours, check out the deal.

Well, here is the snapshots taken from iFixit, have a good look at them. If you think they are not real enough, smash open your DSi XL and you will get the real stuff. :)





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  • andrew

    i love the dsi xl but i would never smash it open to see the inside

    • Well, neither am I. I guess nobody would like to smash open their newly bought DSi XL for just seeing the inside view. This TearDown is completely done by iFixit for viewing the technical components, and comparing what’s changing in this new version.

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