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VoucherCodes Says: Apple iPad is Dirt Cheap

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Apple iPad is dirt cheap - Vouchercodes.co.uk

At the level of $499, it might sounds like an expensive piece of gadget thanks to the current economic condition. However, vouchercodes.co.uk didn’t think so. That’s why they have created a comparison chart that once you’ve see it, you’ll change your mind that Apple iPad is expensive. Check it out after the jump.

iPad is Dirt Cheap

It’s surprising enough for us to see this image created by vouchercodes.co.uk. I’ve never thought Apple iPad is so cheap when you made a comparison to the first generation of Macintosh Portable. A hell high of price at $11,000! You can actually buy 43 pieces of Apple iPads at that price level. Amazing. [Thanks, Nick!]

[via VoucherCodes.co.uk]
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