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Gem-Like Coby MP570 Micro MP3 Player

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This is something pretty nice looking, the Coby MP570 Micro MP3 Player is looking like a red gem (perhaps a Ruby?) that measure in 5.5×8×1.75-inch. It has a minimum specification of 2GB internal flash memory, and one rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can sports 5 hours of play time. You can jack your 3.5mm into the provided jack to hear to the songs, and you can transfer your music data from your PC via mini USB 2.0 interface.

This is a kind of lady would love to get one for styling purpose instead of getting it for playing music. According to the source, you will get this Gem-like Coby MP570 MP3 Player preloaded with 35 free songs and one free audiobook. Pricing and availability are unknown yet.

[Coby via ChipChick]
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