Luxa2 H4 Holder for Apple iPad Tablet

Luxa2 H4 Holder Apple iPad Stand

More accessories has popped out as the day is moving close to the launching date of Apple iPad. This Luxa2 H4 Holder is just another iPad accessories that you’ll find it handy when want your iPad to be placed in front of you or beside your pc for quick access. The LUXA2 H4 holder is an iPad stand, measuring at 20cm height x 22cm width, and it’s coming with six supporting pins made with soft rubber, and the stand is padded with non-slipping silicone base.

LUXA2 H4 holder also featuring a rotatable pivot, so you can freely flipping the holder vertical or horizontally. By no mean to be monopolized by Apple product, you can actually use this Luxa2 H4 holder on any similar dimension (with iPad) ebook reader, tablet PCs, UMPCs or PMPs. This product will be available in this month but there is no worth on the pricing yet.

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