Binder Clips as Your Simplest Cable Organizer

Binder Clips as Your Simplest Cable Organizer

This is the most simple DIY project that I’ve ever seen and it’s one of the simplest way to organize your cable plugs. Using a simple binder clip (black model with metal handles) and a tabletop with edges can help you manage you plugs such as the USB connector, LAN cable or audio jacks. Just simply clip the binder to the tabletop’s edge, released the metal handle and you can slip in any size of plug and let it hanging in the handle’s end. Check out the following images for more details:

Binder Clips as Your Simplest Cable Organizer - Tutorial

No extra money to spend (if you have spare binder clips in your office/home office) and it’s simple to DIY. The only requirement that is pretty crucial is the table. If you have got a metal table with no edge to clip on, this DIY project is not for you. :)

[Photo Credit: Drbakker, via Lifehacking, BoingBoing]

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  • Mick

    I’ve been doing this for years. I guess I should have shared my discovery sooner.

    • This idea is just freaking simple. I’m sure many of us have been using this kind of binder clips to organize our stuffs (cable, paper, power cord, etc) without even knowing it is newsworthy and could spread like wildfire when announced to the worldwide web. :)

  • Damn. And I just paid 50 bucks for Apple’s new iClip.

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