Patriot Bolt USB Flash Drives Officially Released

Patriot, one of the leader manufacturer in Memory modules for Laptop and Desktop is officially entering the flash drive market by releasing their Bolt USB Flash Drives. Well, it has nothing to do with the little cute Bolt dog from Disney. It’s purely the similarity in their name only. :)

Patriot Bolt 16GB Flash Drive

Patriot Bolt Flash drive is a secure flash drive made for consumers and small to medium business users, where they can have their data protected using 256-bit AES hardware encryption, and the USB flash drive physic is properly protected with durable metal casing. The hardware security will automatically erase all data inside the memory when it detected up to 10 failed access attempts. So it may be able to protect your data from others, but at the same time you’ll not be able to restore the erased files.

“USB flash drives are a staple of daily use to transfer and transport data. Their small size and large capacities allow users to carry a great amount of personal information with them,” declared Les Henry, Vice President of Engineering at Patriot. “Our Bolt USB flash drive secures data from prying eyes, preventing the loss of personal or business data and providing users with reassurance that their portable data is safe and secure wherever they take it.”

Sadly, Patriot Bolt Flash Drive is working on USB 2.0 interface only. There is no sign of the USB 3.0 support yet although the technology has become the hottest trend right now.

There are 5 models available for you when it has hit the store. You will find the 4GB model, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and the largest 64GB model. All models provide you with read speeds of 30 MB/s, and write speed of 12 MB/s. Its pricing is ranging from 32.99 to 321.88 Euro.

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