All About iPad: From First Impression to Its Flaws

All About iPad Tablet

Here is a collection of the iPad articles collected from some popular gadget site around the blogosphere. You might notice that we didn’t cover the iPad launches exclusively because the news is just too crowded already. A lot of company’s website/blogs have done a great job describing this little piece of new technology, so we’ll just sort it down and list it up here. If you haven’t got time to read about the iPad, this all-in-one post might be a great start for your iPad exploration:

Now, after its launch and first impression, here is more about the fun:

And the following are the technical stuffs that you might love to know:

Beautiful, lots of guides and tips available outside but it’s on your pace to learn them all. iPad is great. However, it’s not made as a perfect device. It still has some flaws, but you can have 15 ways to fall in love with the iPad despite its flaws.

Now, this is something serious. Although the iPad is just launched several days ago, it has been jailbroken! Read the iPad Jailbreak report on Gadgetlite for more details.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure there are a lot of new updates coming soon so just stay tuned with us with more update on iPad and its Apps.

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