Foodmer Food Expiry Reminder System by Yeom Ha-Na


Assuming that you have a big fridge with big storage for your food where you can store your food for weeks or even months. It’s very often that the food buried deep inside has gone expired without your notice. Chance are, you might find this buried ‘treasure’ and since it’s frozen, you can’t identify (with nose sniff or by color) whether the food is still in a good condition or not. This is pretty dangerous and you might consume the food without knowing.

To prevent this, Yeom Ha-Na, designer from Korea has invented the Foodmer food expiry reminder system that will help moms to identify their food freshness.


The Foodmer Lock & Lock food expiry reminder system is coming in a form of a stick-able strip, a programmable strip that you can set the freshness duration with automatic countdown timer. The strip will go red entirely when the time duration has ended. The beauty of this reminder system is the easy applicable interface, where you just need to stick it to your Tupperware, or glass tube where your food stored so you can easily keep track of the freshness of your food.

More Detail: YankoDesign

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