Squash Wash – New Wachine Machine That Require No Electricity


One of the top ten electronics that considered as the the electricity hungry is the high-end washing machine with large capacity. Often, such a washing machine is also cost you a lot of water that will lift up your electricity bill and water bill at the end of the billing cycle. Kristin Mueller saw this, so she has created a marvelous washing machine called Squash Wash concept that will help you save both electricity and water bill. At the same time, you’ll be able to do some exercise to kill some fat! :)

The Squash wash washing machine require no electricity at all. You will need just a little water pour inside, add your laundry, put some washing powder, close the lit, and then do your exercises according to the picture below:

squash-wash-washing-machine-concept inner component


Either your hands or feet will do. Once you push the lit, the salad spinner technology inside the Squash Wash will working squeezing and compression your laundry. The Squash Wash is made of high-density polyethylene and vinyl, so you can rest assure it won’t break easy. you can also easy find a place to store this squash wash because it has a mini dimension.

More Info: CoroFlot [via iGreenSpot]

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