Super Thin Electric Bicycle Concept by Yuji Fujimura


Check out this thin looking electric bike concept by designer Yuji Fujimura. It has the shape of a ‘fat’ credit card with two wheels at the bottom corners. Yuji Fujimura is an Industrial designer, he made this bicycle concept with space saving in mind. This ultra thin bicycle has a foldable pedals, where you can easily find a small and narrow area to park the electric bike. You might be able to park 5 of this super thin bike onto the space that you need to park one conventional bicycle.



Since it is an electric bike, it has been powered by a rechargeable ver2 battery. You can switch either to motor cycle mode or bicycle mode. The difference between them are the pedals. The pedals will set themselves to the lowest position while in the motor mode, Allowing the rider to have a more comfortable feet position.

More Details can be found at Buzz-Beast.

[via DVice]

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