ASUS Announces Eee Top PC ET2010 All-in-One PC

ASUS Announces Eee Top PC ET2010 All-in-One PC

Another announcement has been shouted out from the throat of ASUS. This time, they’ve updated their new line of Eee Top with a whole new series call ET2010 All-in-One PC. Basically, you would find 5 models available in this series, namely Eee Top PC ET2010AG, ET2010AGT, ET2010P, ET2010PN and last one is ET2010PNT.

The difference between these 5 Eee Top PC models on their processors, RAM, HDD and the GPU. On the first two models (ASUS Eee Top PC ET2010AG and Eee Top PC ET2010AGT) share the same AMD Athlon X25u CPU, 320GB HDD, 2GB or RAM and powered by ATI RAdeon HD 5470 GPU.

Rolling on to the third model, which is the Eee Top ET2010P, It has switched to Intel Atom D410 instead of AMD CPU. However, it has a lower specification where it only get 1GB of RAM, 160GB of HDD and integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphic chipset.

Meanwhile, the last two models, which are the ASUS Eee Top ET2010PN and ET2010PNT has come with a higher Atom CPU (D510) dual core CPU, has 2GB or RAM, 500GB hard drive and NVIDIA ION Graphic chipset. Not too shabby, especially the ET2010PNT that has a multitouch-enabled feature.

All of the above models have the same 20-inch widescreen display that boast 1600 x 900 pixels resolution, and its stylish less then an inch thick design has included one DVD SuperMultir burner.

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