Cylindrus 8 Ports USB Hub – Shaped Like A Magician Hat

At first, most people will think that this hat is a magician hat with bunny ears popped out. However, it isn’t. This hat is actually an electronic device, a USB hub to be exact. The bunny ears are made of USB cable with both of its USB head stuck inside the USB port.


This USB hub have 8 pieces of USB 2.0 ports, where you can host your USB gadgets there. Although it’s not as mind-blowing as the 80-port USB Hub, this Cylindrus 8-port USB hub still can help you solved the lacking of port in your laptop.



Of course, the shape of this USB hub is a bit flashy for a commoner, but it will be a suitable USB hub for magician who love to pop something out of the hat.

Currently, this Cylindrus 8-port USB Hub is not manufactured yet. It is a design idea made by Art Levedev Studio.

[via GadgetSin]

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