iPad as Your Secondary Display using iDisplay App

The magic of iPad App has started to take action. Today, we’ve found an app that could turn your iPad into your iMac or Macbook secondary display using a WiFi connection! Wonderful.


iDisplay is the name of the Application. The app will be able to extend the view of your Macbook or iMac into your iPad depend on which direction you wanna let it extended. It should be very practical and remember that there is no cable need in the process. Just turn on the WiFi and it will show you magically the extended part of your iMac on your iPad screen.

At the moment, iDisplay App for iPad is only compatible with OS X, however, the creator has shed some light that they will create the Windows version too. If you are interested, head on over to iTunes to buy this iDisplay iPad App for $5 only.

[via Mobile Crunch]

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