Polluted Glass – Toxic-Like Drinking Glass


Too much drinking is bad for health. When the ‘bad’ is translated into something poisonous, then you are drinking toxic liquid everyday (if you are the hardcore drunken master of your favorite pub). Well, there is a suitable drinking glass for you to use each night. This Polluted Glass with dangerous nuclear design. It clearly exposed the possibility that you are drinking 55-gallon drum toxic waste each sip, and it looks like to be made from the brilliant Devil company who’s trying to suck your life away! :)


Okay, this is a joke. But Polluted Glass is really funny and unique for your drinking time. Fill it with any color of liquid and it will become a toxic-like waste thanks to the transparent and realistic drum design. If you are interested to own one, head on over to Neatorama Shop for more details.

[via Neatorama]

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