Solar Pebble – New Eco Friendly Sun Powered Lamp


Over at YankoDesign, we have found another cool concept design with eco-friendly in mind. Named as the ‘Solar Pebble’, the device is a sun-powered eco-friendly lamp that will absorb sun power, store the energy to the rechargeable batteries inside the lamp and then release it when the day gets dark.


This Solar Powered Lamp Solar Pebble is designed by Adam Robinson for Plus Minus Solar Design. The stored energy on Solar Pebble can also be used for recharging portable devices such as cell phone, iPhone, MP3 Player or PMP. Solar Pebble also has a U shaped handle, where you can use it for the stand or turn it around as a handy handle to carry around.


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    I have really liked your gadgets but what I do not know is the prize

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