When A 3D Artist Come To Think About Nintendo 3DS

Olivier Demangel, who has a decent skill as a 3D artist has created a nice concept that blend both Sony PSP and Nintendo DSi XL into a brand new conceptual Nintendo 3DS. This is not the actual product image for the real Nintendo 3DS, so you don’t have to be over-excited on the following images because it is purely a concept design made by Olivier.


Well, although it’s not the real Nintendo 3DS, at least Olivier Demangel think so. The Next generation of Nintendo handheld console should be powerful enough to handle most stuffs and it must include all of the feature that its predecessor has lacked of.

According to the designer, Nintendo 3DS will get a Huge screen with Non-glasses 3D display, it could be tilt like a netbook, has a range of exposed buttons such as the D-pad, analog stick and few buttons arrange neatly at the lower right corner for start, or level select. The power buttons of this Nintendo 3DS concept is located at the lower end of analog stick, a position where you can easy shut off the game when you’ve tired of playing. Amazing.

Check out more pictures below.




Well done, Olivier! I’d get one immediately if such kind of portable handheld console is available in the store! 😉

[Olivier Demangel Flickr account via YankoDesign]

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