MotionLite Wheel Illuminations Turns Your Car Into a Night Star

For night time light show, we have MonkyLectric LED wheel light for our bike. For car, MotionLite Wheel Illumination kit is the solution!

This MotionLite Wheel Illumination is made for those who love a sparky night attention. It’s guaranteed that your car will be the night star on the road that will be the main attraction/attention of the crowd. MotionLite wheel illumination kit is made from LED lights mounted on 6-inch arms fitted in the wheel rims. Motionlite is a push-of-button activation light show using a dedicated remote control. When you’ve activated the MotionLite, the retractable 6-inch arms will stretch into a position and start flashing their beauty.



MotionLite Kit is available at a starting price of $500. More detail can be found at MotionLite Official site.

[Switched via Geeky Gadgets]

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