Wrist Power Pack – More Juice For Your Mobile Gadgets


If you are the type that love to play or use mobile gadgets (PSP, NDS, Cell phone) all day long, your gadget might just run out of juice in hours of usage. This Wrist Power Pack will help you get more juice after or before your gadget run out of power so you can play longer.

Wrist Power Pack provide a pack of 1,500mAh capacity rechargeable battery, and it has LED indicator for power (4 power level lights). The Wrist power pack also coming with universal converter, which mean you can use it to almost all mobile gadgets. Whether it’s a portable media player, MP3 player, Cell phone, or portable game console, you can use this wrist power pack to prolong its battery life (as long as it’s not over 5.5v).


Once the power used up, just plug into your USB port on your laptop or via an adapter to fill the juice.

If you are interested, you can find this Wrist Power Pack for $34.99 at Thinkgeek.

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